Hiking The Classic Inca Trail in Peru is perhaps the most incredible active travel experience in the world!  This high-altitude trek goes over Dead Woman Pass (nearly 14,000 feet high) and includes steep climbs and descents, stunning views and ends at Machu PicchuYou can book one of our standard group treks, or book a private trek with your own group (as few as two people) and on the dates you choose. 

“Outstanding.  This trip had the best overall itinerary compared to what other groups were doing.”  –  C. Cullen, TEXAS

If you have either a limited budget, or have only a few days in Peru and you still want to experience trekking in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, consider our Sacred Valley Trek, a unique trek that only we offer. Trail passes are not required so this is a perfect trek if trail passes are sold out, or you are planning at the last minute. 

We encourage you to email or call us (see details under Contact Us) if you need help choosing an Inca Trail hiking vacation that is perfect for you!