We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.  This type of insurance is relatively inexpensive, in the range of $60 - $200 depending on the trip you book.  The reason we are so keen on you having travel insurance is because it protects you if you have an unexpected change in travel plans.  Here is an example. Let's assume you are signed up for a trip and hurt your leg a week before you are supposed to leave.  If you have no insurance, you will call us on the telephone and we will be very sad to tell you there is no refund - because our costs are mostly fixed and you might have displaced someone who otherwise could have gone in your place.   You might then be unhappy with us, even though you took the risk of not getting travel insurance!   If you do have travel insurance, you can usually receive your entire airfare and trip cost from the insurance company and can start planning for your next trip! 

There are many different companies who offer trip insurance.  Please contact insurance companies directly for information about their plans.  One that our travelers have used successfully is MH Ross, one of the industry leaders.